by Moira M. Malcolm


I am Moira M. Malcolm. My middle name is Macpherson (my mother’s maiden name) and it is the Macpherson Hunting tartan, and her 70-year-old kilt, I am proudly wearing in this photograph. My married name is Brown. I was brought up in Fife and now live in Dundee, Scotland. Since 10 April 2020 I have been speaking out against the government’s brutal lockdown policies and restrictions because they are clearly incompatible with human rights.

Me at a protest rally in Edinburgh, Saturday 5th Sept 2020

It is my belief, based on extensive research, that the covid soap opera was WRITTEN, not for a new virus, but to sell a conveyor belt of mRNA injections (mis-sold as “vaccines”) to the entire world. And I’d put any money on it – I bet Bill Gates, Sturgeon, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Boris Johnson for short), Sunak, Starmer etc. haven’t taken a single shot because they are in on the scam.