by Moira M. Malcolm


Incident no. 20220120-1333 created 20 January 2022

Police Scotland, IN AN ABHORRENT DERELICTION OF DUTY, have not interviewed one witness

20 January 2022 – Evidence was handed in similar to what retired policeman, Mark Sexton’s team submitted in England

This included evidence of fraudulent claims regarding PCR test results which were used as a tool of terror throughout the UK to stop us working, travelling, visiting loved one in care homes/hospitals, receiving medical treatment etc. READ HAMMERSMITH POLICE CASE & RELATED UK/ SCOTLAND

June-July 2022 – Evidence sent to Police Scotland and the Lord Advocate regarding Medical Fraud

Scotgov. holds NO PROOF SARS-COV-2 / COVID-19 exists

18 October 2022 – Mountains of evidence of Medical Fraud and Medical Negligence sent to Police Scotland

Covering letter to Govan Police Station. Due to the seriousness of the situation a copy has also been sent to The Lord Advocate Rt Hon Dorothy Bain QC.



PUBLIC health “experts” ruled out any link between spikes in neonatal deaths and the Covid vaccine without checking whether any of the infants’ mothers had received the jag during pregnancy.


No mention of investigating the BNT162 vaccines against transmission in Pfizer’s Phase 1,2,3 Clinical trials.

Jason Leitch, Scotland’s National Clinical Director  (27 Aug 2021) :  “But vaccination is the single most important protection against serious disease and harm, and increasingly we think, against transmission.” Source:



Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) legal action in Austin Texas obtained exclusive v-safe Data from the CDC. ICAN’s website where raw V-SAFE data can be viewed.

The court order by United States District Court for the Western District of Texas Austin Division.


International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and ResearchAnalysis on the Blood of 1,006 Symptomatic Persons after Anti-COVID mRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna.


37-year-old John Watt from Glasgow (left bed-ridden since his 3rd Pfizer shot 10 months ago) recorded the script read out to him when he called the Scottish Vaccination Help Line.

The verbal script read out to John by an employeee called Connor is deceptive in the extreme in regard to the true risks involved. The current ‘Side effects of the coronavirus vaccines’ described on the NHS Inform website (which Jason Leitch refers people to) is equally deceptive and there is no mention COVID DRUGS ARE STILL IN CLINICAL TRIAL.

31 October 2022 – Evidence sent to Police Scotland regarding NO INFORMED CONSENT and covid drugs not tested in combination with any other drugs

20 April 2023 – Letter (below) sent SIGNED FOR to Govan Police Station to add to Incident no. 20220120-1333

No one is safe in Scotland until those who passed barbaric, unnecessary emergency legislation are jailed for LIFE. The Coronavirus Act 2020 and Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 (aka ‘A Terrorist Gov.’s Charter’) were passed UNANIMOUSLY without any evidence of a public health emergency. NONE.

7 June 2023 – Letter (below) sent SIGNED FOR to Govan Police Station to add to Incident no. 20220120-1333

Below are four explosive articles sent in this bundle of evidence to Police Scotland. Each article includes official FOI responses which prove there was no pandemic in Scotland in 2020 requiring any emergency legislation to be passed. There was therefore no need for MSPs to procure any emergency-use drugs on our behalf.

Also sent to police is Dr Paul Alexander’s article published 3 Apr 2023 on this substack. Dr Alexander wrote,  

No way! No, can’t be true that there was not one (ZERO)  death in Scotland during COVID for all 3 years among doctors, nurses, shop workers, police & all school teachers; was this was a fraud pandemic?

28 June 2023 – Attending Police Scotland Headquarters to inquire if Incident No: 20220120-1333 is being investigated

We attended Police Scotland Headquarters with a matter of national importance and I receive a pathetic reply (see below) from a sergeant in the Leadership and Talent Department and the Scottish Police College next door. Sergeant Matheson does not even refer to Incident No: 20220120-1333 which I inquired about. NOTE: The COVID DOSSIER is no longer on the Police Scotland Angels website as I am no longer associated with this group. All correspondence was sent to Police Scotland by me and I paid for all the postage.


Again there is no mention of Incident no. 20220120-1333 in the above letter and only collar numbers are given, not names.

Police Scotland, IN AN ABHORRENT DERELICTION OF DUTY, have not interviewed one witness despite mountains of evidence of criminality being submitted since 20 January 2022

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